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Trial Practices


Welcome to Trial Practices

Course Components for Trial Practices
Mr. Matthew Neuner
Areas of Study:
         Section A: Preliminaries
        Part I: The Law
        Part II: The History of Judgment
        Part III: The First Trial Perspective
         A. Trial is Theater
        The Lawyer’s Part
- First Movie: Trial and Error
         B. The Stage
        Where do I sit?
        Interrogation of Witnesses
        Presenting Exhibits “By the Numbers”
        Staging the Use of a Diagram
        Addressing the Jury
        Courtroom Stage Presence
         C. Preparing for the First Trial
         D. Creating the Theme of the Trial
         Section B: The Trial
        Part I: The Trial
        Part II: Judge or Jury Trial
        Part III: Voir Dire
         Selecting the Audience
        Part IV: Opening Statement
         Curtain up!
        Part V: Examination of the Witnesses
         Don’t Lead on Direct, Lead on Cross
         Conducting Direct Examination
         Conducting the Cross Examination
        Impeachment by prior inconsistent statement
        Part VI: Objections
        Part VII: Closing Arguments
    * Movie - My Cousin Vinny
        Part VIII: Let’s Practice
         Sample Trials
Section C: Final Examination (Mock trials & Final Case)    
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