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Welcome to Physics

Forgot your book at school? You can still do your homework.  Have your friend take a photo of the page and text it to you.

Want to improve your grade? In the online gradebook (SchoolTool), look at your grades by category.  Then ....
     1) Get your Lab average to 100%.  If you missed a lab, make it up after school.  If you forgot to hand in the report, hand it in now.
     2) Get your Quizlet average to 90% or better.  You can retake quizlets over and over until you get a 90.
    3) Do your homework every night, and ask questions until you can get it right.  This will also improve your quiz and quizlet averages, as well as getting you those homework points.
     4) Do Quiz corrections for extra credit.  These must be done after school in our classroom.  See me for details.

     Always make up the most recent material first.  It will help your current learning the most.


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