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Photo I+II


Photo I 

#1 – Photograms
#2- Composition Series
#3- Nature
#4- Portraits
#5- Street Photography
#6- Narrative Series
Photo II
#7 – Joining with David Hockney (collage)
#8 – Combination Prints
#9- Pinhole Camera
#10 - Positive/Negative 
#11- Movement

For each assignment the students will be required to take at least 32-36 photographs (1 roll of film).  Throughout the course of the 20 weeks the students will learn about, practice, implement, and be quizzed on various dark room photography techniques and procedures including, taking pictures using manual mode adjusting aperture and shutter speed for correct exposure, developing film, and processing prints. All of the assignments will challenge the students conceptually and artistically, building on and improving their knowledge and understanding of aesthetics and the elements and principles of design.
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