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Fabius-Pompey Elementary School Physical Education

***New update*** 
During distance learning, we have a Google Classroom page where students will be required to complete activities and assignments. Have your students check with their classroom teachers to receive the class code.


The Fabius-Pompey Elementary Physical Education program follows the New York State Standards for learning, as well as the AAPHERD National Standards. We believe that physical activity is critical to the development and maintenance of a child’s health and wellness. Our goal is to create an environment where children can learn and be successful and efficient at moving so they will choose to participate in physical activity outside of school and throughout their life.

In the Elementary School students are required wear sneakers each P.E class. Please no Crocs, boots or sandals. Grades K-5 participate in Physical Education three (3) times a week. They should be dressed appropriately for movement (ie. no skirts during tumbling.) Some classes are held outside so sweatshirts or jackets could be necessary. Fifth grade students will be required to change into gym clothes every day before class and change back into their school clothes after. Each student will be supplied with a lock and a locker to keep their belongings safe. 

Medical excuses: If an student needs to be excused from class s/he must bring a note from a doctor if the absence will be for more than one class. If the excuse if for one class only s/he will be excused from class with a note from a parent or guardian. These notes should be given to the classroom teacher who will make sure that they get to the Nurse's Office.

Physical Fitness Reports will be sent on will be sent home 2 times during the school year with the students report cards. Also, daily grading sheets will be done every day. We are looking for participation, sportsmanship, skills or the unit, and preparedness. 



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