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Fabius-Pompey Middle School-High School

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Mr. Kevin Linck, Principal
Fabius-Pompey Middle School-High School
Phone: 315-683-5811
FAX: 315-683-5569


While education changes, both in the way that it is delivered and the content that guides it, the purpose remains the same. As a parent and as a principal my hope is that education will be a path for them to better/improve their lives, and leave the world a better place. This newsletter article is an opportunity to highlight some of the new things that students are involved in at the Middle School-High School that help to build their academic skills, as well as citizenship, as they progress through school and ultimately toward the next phase of their lives.

Our 8th grade is participating in a couple of activities that are incredibly exciting. By the reading of this article, the 8th grade will have gone to Cornell in a program called GoCornell. Some of the benefits of this activity, other than the obvious opportunity to visit and experience all that a college campus offers, is the program that they developed for our students. This program was developed as a result of students identifying and offering insights into what they wanted to see. The information they provided developed a series of activities that included things such as visiting and viewing the planetarium, touring the athletic facilities, experiencing a presentation by a professor on the Reconstruction Era, watching an African dance routine done by their dance group and a panel discussion by their football players.

Several members of our Middle School will also participate in a community-wide dialogue which is developed and led by a group in the Syracuse area called Interfaith Works. This is a program in which many schools in the area participate and helps students to gain a better perspective of the world around them, through the experience of those from very different environments. A small group of our 7th and 8th grade students will have several sessions with 7th and 8th grade students from Lincoln Middle School. As a group, they will build relationships, students from both venues will shadow each other, they will learn each others’ stories, discuss current events and learn from both the adults and their peers who are participating in the experience. They will then bring a new understanding back to their own schools, enriching all students and the school community as a whole.

Students have also benefitted from the introduction of new technology in the building. This has been done as a means to improve student learning, as well as to help prepare them for the rapidly changing work and college environment that they will be entering. Some of the technology that students are utilizing includes the infusion of Google Classroom, the increased number of flipped classes and lessons, the Chromebooks that are fast becoming a part of our school culture, as well as the new class offerings such as web design and game design. Students are accessing and utilizing technology in ways that will help to make them more college and career ready, and make them better global citizens. This is in addition to all of the new college-level courses being offered through OCC, TC3, as well as SUNY Oswego that will allow for students to enter college with several credits (if that is the path they choose).

These are a few of the exciting examples of things that are happening within the building. We are excited to have students involved in activities which foster a strong global citizenship component and help to prepare them for the next level in their lives, no matter what that might be.

Fabius - Pompey Central School District
1211 Mill St
Fabius, NY 13063

Phone: (315) 683-5301

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