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Fabius-Pompey Middle School-High School

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Mr. Kevin Linck, Principal
Fabius-Pompey Middle School-High School
Phone: 315-683-5811
FAX: 315-683-5569

Students have a wide variety of academic options for classes as they enter grades 6 through 12. Some of these choices have a significant impact on their academic profile as they progress through high school and toward either their career or to college. While some of these choices may seem difficult, it is important to know the ramifications and opportunities related to these choices.

In 6th, 7th and 8th grade, student choices include things related to special area classes like band, chorus, general music or advanced art. These courses set students up for either the continuation of participation in these programs or to fulfill a requirement. Another very significant choice in middle school comes in 8th grade. Students may choose to take two accelerated classes. This is an important decision, as the classes and material are much more challenging, and the time is much more demanding. For students that are excelling, this is a good opportunity. To be considered for this opportunity, students should have a 90 average in the class preceding it and a strong work ethic. If students and/or parents are unsure if this is the right opportunity for them, they should consult their counselor. While it is always a good idea for students to challenge themselves, it is also important to not overextend or it poses too significant an academic challenge.

A student’s 9th grade/freshman year is one of the first real opportunities to begin to select and take electives. All freshmen are going to take English 9 and social studies 9, as well as biology. They will also be in a math class (either algebra, algebra A or geometry, depending on what their success has been, as well as what they took the prior year). Sophomore year offers very similar opportunities, but also presents the first opportunity for Advanced Placement classes (AP World History). Students who would be interested in Advanced Placement (or AP), must understand that the classes are significantly more challenging and require a significant amount of outside work. These are considered to be college-level classes and have an exam near the end of the year which provides them with college credit.

During their junior and senior years, students have a multitude of options. There are more Advanced Placement classes, as well as OCC, TC3, SUNY Oswego and SUNY ESF class options. There are also a number of business classes that students can take to enrich their high school experience, as well as strengthen their transcripts as they apply to college or prepare for their career. This is also the time where students have the ability to enroll in Career and Technical Education classes at BOCES to focus on a particular program of study leading to a Regents Diploma with a Career and Technical Education endorsement.

Over the next couple of months, our guidance counselors will be working with students and parents to help them make the best choices for their course selections. If you have questions, please contact Mr. Piorkowski for the Middle School and Ms. Jordan for the High School. It is during this time that teachers will often have conversations with students regarding their best options as well. As always, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns at (315) 683-5811.

Fabius - Pompey Central School District
1211 Mill St
Fabius, NY 13063

Phone: (315) 683-5301

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