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Kevin Linck, Principal
Fabius-Pompey Middle School-High School
Phone: 315-683-5811
FAX: 315-683-5569

Our students have many difficult decisions facing them throughout much of their Middle School and High School years. For some students the decision is whether or not to pursue accelerated classwork as well as Advanced Placement courses, while for others it is the decision of whether or not they should pursue vocational interests with their final High School years. Both of these decisions are important and set the stage for future student successes.

Families make decisions regarding acceleration prior to the 8th grade year. There are two accelerated courses, Algebra and Earth Science. These courses are High School level courses, and they culminate in Regents exams at the end of the year. When making this decision, it is important to look at the success that students are having in their 6th and 7th grade math and science classes (and other classes as well). To be strongly considered for acceleration, a student should have all, or most, of the following attributes: an average of 90 percent or better in the class (math and/or science), a strong work ethic, a high level of motivation, a typical grade of 4 on the state assessments and the recommendation of a teacher. The purpose of such rigorous standards is to help to ensure success for the student. 

Rigorous requirements and standards are in place with Advanced Placement classes as well. While making the decision, strong grades and a high level of motivation are certainly prerequisites for success. Advanced Placement classes are great, as they are college level and look great on a transcript for college acceptance. However, it is important to note that the level of work and dedication required for the classes are significantly raised as well, as they are college level. Any student looking into AP as a possibility must be prepared for this.

The vocational opportunities BOCES offers as part of the junior and senior year are a choice worth mentioning. Students can choose from Health Occupations, Early Childhood, Auto Collision, Auto Tech, Culinary Arts, Construction, Computer Tech and Cosmetology. These trades can lead to increased college opportunities and certification within the trade area, as well as a potential job upon completion. There are other programs such as New Visions, which has a medical and an environmental program (these are typically through an application process). The skills and abilities that students gain from these programs are fantastic and open many opportunities. Even if students do not enter a vocational career, they will learn a skill that they will have forever.

Decisions related to your child’s future can seem overwhelming but do not need to be. Having conversations with the professionals within the school can help you make informed decisions. We should all work together to help each student reach their potential and find success. 

Fabius - Pompey Central School District
1211 Mill St
Fabius, NY 13063

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