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Fabius-Pompey Central School District

Timothy P. Ryan, Superintendent of Schools
1211 Mill Street
Fabius, NY 13063
Phone - 315-683-5301
Fax - 315-683-5827

This is the time of the year when school boards finish the budget building process. Over the last few months, board members have analyzed and compared budget information. They have also reviewed each line of the budget and are close to putting forth a plan that will support the 2018-2019 school year. In Fabius-Pompey, two outstanding issues need to be resolved before the final decisions can be made.

The first piece of information the Board is waiting to hear is the amount of State aid the District will receive. State aid is about 50 percent of the District’s operating budget, and changes in aid have a very real impact on the program. Currently, the school budget has been built on the Governor’s proposed budget. That budget is being worked on by the legislature. The good news is that it is a very rare occurrence when the legislature reduces school aid from the recommendation of the Governor. All districts should have the final numbers by April 1.

The District will soon receive a security audit involving the buildings and grounds, as well as information analyzing the District’s responses to emergency situations. The Board has hired a security firm to conduct the audit and to report back to the Board. A part of that report is to make recommendations to the Board on ways to make the school environment as secure as possible. Adoption of some or all of these recommendations may also change the structure of the overall budget.

The District continues to receive calls from community members hoping to obtain a better understanding of the tax cap. The tax cap, once advertised as a 2 percent tax cap, is determined by a formula from the State and has never been 2 percent for Fabius-Pompey. This is the seventh year of the implementation of the cap. During the past six years, the District’s “2 percent” tax cap has ranged from a negative 1.83 percent to a positive 4.2 percent. Even when the tax cap was at a negative number, the District has not presented a budget that was greater than the cap. Part of the reason is the consequence for District residents. The Governor has devised a system of mailing out property tax relief rebate checks to residents of New York State. But, in the event that a school District puts forth a budget that exceeds the tax cap and that budget is approved, the Governor withholds the rebate check from the residents of that school district. Last year, these checks averaged around $180 per household. For many households, this money is important and cumulatively for the community it is very significant. 

On behalf of the Board of Education, I would like to thank you for your active interest and support of the Fabius-Pompey School District. It continues to be an essential part of the success our students achieve.

Fabius - Pompey Central School District
1211 Mill St
Fabius, NY 13063

Phone: (315) 683-5301

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