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Fabius-Pompey Central School District

Timothy P. Ryan, Superintendent of Schools
1211 Mill Street
Fabius, NY 13063
Phone (315) 683-5301
Fax (315) 683-5827

Throughout the school year, the measures taken to improve school safety continually evolve. This is true for the majority of schools in New York State, and it is true at Fabius-Pompey. As the District improves in this area, it is adding two new features. The first is called Raptor Technologies and the second is NaviGate Prepared.

Raptor Technologies will assist the District with managing visitors to the school buildings. It is able to screen and conduct a quick background check on each visitor. Therefore, it is important for visitors to bring photo identification, ideally a driver’s license, when they plan on visiting one of the school buildings. After a visitor is cleared, the system will issue a visitor’s pass complete with photo. Although this adds an additional step for entering the school, the District feels it is an important piece of the overall security profile.

NaviGate Prepared is, at its foundation, an enhanced communication system. First of all, it coordinates and improves the communication between outside emergency response organizations and the school. It also helps emergency responders have move familiarity with the buildings, grounds and daily operations of the school. Secondly, NaviGate Prepared allows faculty and staff the ability to alert an entire building of an emergency by simply touching a button. This feature has the potential of saving valuable time and allowing a quicker response if needed. 

School security is an evolving body of knowledge. The Fabius-Pompey Central School District is working with some of the most respected firms in the industry to continually improve our ability to prevent emergencies, as well as improve the ability to respond well in an emergency situation. We thank you for the understanding with any minor inconveniences these changes may incur.

Fabius - Pompey Central School District
1211 Mill St
Fabius, NY 13063

Phone: (315) 683-5301

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