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Fabius-Pompey Central School District

Timothy P. Ryan, Superintendent of Schools
1211 Mill Street
Fabius, NY 13063
Phone (315) 683-5301
Fax (315) 683-5827

I write this article in the shadow of the COVID-19 epidemic. The spread of the virus and subsequent action taken at all levels of government have disrupted the lives of Americans and left more questions than answers for the weeks to come.

The “can do” attitude of the members of this community and of this school system has served the students of the District well in the past and is again evident as we address the current challenges. The shift to learning remotely is taking place. Students, teachers, parents and administrators have all proceeded thoughtfully in order to make it work. Although during recent years some teachers and students have engaged in this type of instruction and learning, this is the first time we have attempted it on a large scale. The initial efforts have been very good and all of us will continue to hone our expertise as we evolve during this time of social distancing.

Under the leadership of Fabius-Pompey Business Administrator Peter Mahunik, the cafeteria staff and a host of volunteers were well organized to deliver meals to students and families who requested the service. Like the instructional responsibilities, this service will evolve with experience as well as with further guidance and mandates from the State government. Community members and retired teachers and staff have been inspirational in their desire to help provide nutrition to our students.

The Board of Education is working diligently to present a strong school budget in this time of uncertainty. A strong budget supports the educational programs, is fiscally responsible to the community, and takes into consideration how decisions made today can affect the future. The pause in the economy and volatility of the Stock Market has made developing a school budget that much more difficult. I commend the Board on their hard work and the energy to analyze each and every item that makes up the school budget.

Even though we are all pulling together, the disappointment we are experiencing for our students is real. Concerts, musicals, sports contests, academic opportunities and social gatherings that highlight school experiences are on hold. I know that when the social distancing requirements are lifted, there are countless adults and students dedicated to salvaging those experiences to the extent possible. But at this moment, the overall safety of society remains the priority.

Thank you for your support, ideas and expertise during this difficult time.

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Address: 1211 Mill Street | Fabius, NY 13063
Phone: (315)683-5301