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Welcome to Mr. Wilder's Science Classes

Welcome to Mr. Wilder's Fabius-Pompey Science Site!

Earth Science Reference Tables
There is a live link for the ESRTs in the "Links' section below.

Distance Learning Plan - Earth Science.
Please read directions carefully, as most of the questions I am receiving are already answered below. Thanks.
Once an assignment is done, I will put the notes on the Archive page to the left.

To submit an assignment, please create a Google Doc, and share only with me when completed.
Put the chapter number and YOUR name in the name of your document (example: 'Wilder_14' or 'Smith_14'.)

Plan on two quizzes a week:
- one will be REVIEW material(on Tuesdays) from anytime earlier in the year
- and one will be NEW material (on Fridays) to go along with the bookwork and labs.
I will send out a lab on Tuesdays, and occasionally other times.

Do the reading for each chapter for the bookwork, then answer all 20 questions ("CHAPTER REVIEW QUESTIONS") for each chapter.
If a question requires you to create a graph/drawing/figure, you can ignore that one.

Multiple choice answers should include a short bit of the answer written out.
In other words, don't just put the number of your answer.
There is a teaching/learning reason for this:
"Students who have to write out the answers for multiple choice are generally more careful to check for the best answer."

This has been the biggest issue so far with assignments.

See the "Earth Science Archive" Page for the older notes. UPDATED: 3/30.

Thursday, March 26
Chapter 23 - Weather Hazards and the Changing Atmosphere
- Continue with bookwork.
- If you haven't taken the online quiz - check your email for the link (I can't put that on this page.)
- Home Lab 1 - Photo Lab - try to take your own photos and definitely write your own captions/descriptions.
- For the Photo Lab, try to incorporate specific terms that relate to the course. Be thoughtful about that.
- All the photos and descriptions will be uploaded to a shared document.
- The photos have been fun to see! Missing the district...
- Quiz tomorrow on new material (Weather.)

Friday, March 27
New Content Quiz 1 - Link has been shared!

Chapter 24 - Patterns of Climate

March 30 - April 3
New Assignments Starting:

Monday, March 30:
Watch YouTube - shared on email.
Catch up day - if you need it.

Tuesday, March 31
Watch YouTube - Answer questions (shared).

Wednesday, April 1


Former ESF students:
If you have questions regarding having transcripts forwarded to your colleges, please contact Maura Stefl in the Outreach Office at ESF.
Her e-mail is:


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