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Student Projects for Extra Credit/Letters of Recommendation and Fun!

- This year I am encouraging that students 'take ownership' of their Earth Science knowledge by fostering a wide range of projects. I am hoping that students bring their love of other subjects into science to use extended labs that I have to build science models, and to create posters and other art projects for my room.

- Participation is optional. Extra credit is assigned at the end of the marking period. My determination of the number of points awarded is based on my experience grading students in the past. Discussion, during non-class time, is encouraged - I think it is important that students know how they are assessed. Students should keep an 'activity log' of the time spent in school, or away, on their projects.

- Students must have all projects approved before starting. The planning process is very important to the goals I want students to achieve.

- A typical project might require 1 - 2 periods per week after school, or (with approval) - during my study hall/prep periods. Projects that require more time than that need parental approval.

- I will monitor all grades of students involved in all classes. All work has to be kept current, or projects have to be suspended until caught up!

- I think this can be great fun and very useful in students' futures!
- Please contact me if you have questions.


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