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Sites to use for Research!

Kids can come to this page for the World Country Reports for websites to use! Feel free to email me if you don't see what you need. We can add to it! Thank you

Afghanistan National Geographic for Kids
All About China
Ask Kids- Web Search
Bolivia For Kids
Bolivia Yahoo for Kids
Canada National Geographic for Kids
CIA World Factbook
Columbia National Geographic
Columbia -Yahoo for Kids
Egypt for Kids
ethemes- Links and Information on Greece
Fact Monster- Kids From China
Fact Monster on India
Food By Country
France for Kids Facts
France National Geographic for Kids
Italy for Kids
Kids Click- Web Search Page
Kids Konnect on Poland
Lebanon Embassy Kids Page
Madagascar for Kids
Mexico- Kids connect
Mexico- National Geographic for kids
National Geographic for Kids- Egypt
National Geographic for Kids- France
National Geographic for Kids -India
National Geographic for Kids- Iraq
National Geographic for Kids- Ireland
National Geographic for Kids- Italy
National Geographic for Kids- Poland
National Geographic for Kids-China
National Geographic for Kids-Greece
Questions from Kids on England
Questions from Kids on India
Time For Kids France
Tour the Eiffel for Kids
Travel for Kids England
Visit Guam
Yahoo for Kids Ireland
Yahoo Kids! -Greece
Yahoo Kids! -Guam
Yahoo Kids! -Iraq
Yahoo Kids! -Lebanon
The Eiffel Tower for Children

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