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Fabius Pompey Elementary School Library

 "Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."
                                                  -Frederick Douglass    

Miss Porter, Librarian  
Mrs. Way, Library Aide

January in the Elementary Library

Kindergarteners will be heading into the winter season with Jan Brett and other holiday and cold weather themed reading. We'll be learning that there are two different types of books: storybooks (fiction) and information books (non fiction). 

1st grade will be further learning about fiction and non fiction books and where to find each of these in our library. We'll also be puzzling out how to tell if a book is a storybook or an information book by looking at clues in the title, on the cover, and on the pages.

2nd grade is embarking on more advanced library skills as we head into the later fall season. They will be introduced to the Dewey Decimal System and will learn to search for books using the online catalog. As winter approaches, they should be able to find books on thier own in our library.

3rd grade has been discovering the fascinating and fun research databases available on the library website. Remember when an encyclopedia was a giant shelf of heavy books? Ta-da...Now they're easier than ever to access at school and at home online! We've been looking at Brain Pop, Jr., World Book, and PebbleGo. Next up are Britannica, Culturegrams, and InfoBits. We'll also be checking out TumbleBooks, a wonderful online reading resource.

4th grade has been studying literary genres. We've checked out fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, mystery, and biography/autobiography. Realistic fiction is coming up in December and we'll be exploring more non fiction genres as the cold season continues.

5th grade has started off the Be Internet Awesome curriculum by Google. We've been experimenting with Pear Deck and discussing what information we should keep private online. This winter we'll be talking about phishing and how to avoid online scams.


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