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Fabius Pompey Elementary School Library

 "Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."
                                                  -Frederick Douglass    

Miss Porter, Librarian  
Mrs. Way, Library Aide

Happy New Year from the Elementary Library!

Here's what's happening in January during library time:

We're reading stories about snow and winter with kindergarten classes. They are learning that some books are stories and others provide information (fiction and non fiction). Sometimes, though, you can gain a lot of information while reading a story for fun!

In first grade, we're practicing ABC order. This will help us find books in the library by using the first few letters of an author's last name (that's how the books are arranged). 

Second grade is getting acquainted with the Chromebooks. We're doing well with logging in and we're discovering the resources provided on the library's main page (LIBRARY MAIN PAGE) as well as practicing using the online library catalog to find books.

Third grade is getting a start on digital literacy and learning how to be safe online. We're using online resources and activities to promote discussion such as: PBS Kids' Webonauts Internet Academy and MediaSmarts educational digital literacy games. We use assignments in our 3rd Grade Library Google Classroom to access these resources.

Fourth graders are just beginning Common Sense Media's Digital Passport modules. They touch on the topics of creating secure passwords, multitasking with technology (not always such a great idea!), safe sharing and privacy online, cyberbullying, effective online searching/keywords, and creative credit (a springboard for copyright smarts, plagiarism, and citing sources). This unit will continue into February.

Loosely following Google's Be Internet Awesome curriculum, fifth grade is digging deeper into the issues of phishing and scams via email, text, and online; taking care in what they share online; being kind and thoughtful while communicating with media; and what to do if something goes wrong online. Most often, assignments and questions for discussion are posted in our 5th Grade Library Google Classroom.

Activity period after school in the library has been going nicely. In the new year we're trying a different format: The elementary library is open to 5th graders on Mondays, 3rd graders on Wednesdays, and 4th graders on Thursdays. Space is limited, however, and permission slips will be handed out on a weekly basis during library classes so all students will have a chance to attend on a rotating basis. During this time, students are encouraged to enjoy use of the library Chromebooks, iPads, LittleBits, and other maker and technology tools. Quiet reading, research, homework, puzzling, and gaming are also welcomed.

Way to Go Mrs. Way!
Mrs. Way has been hard at work since holiday break! She's been re-shelving the Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa books and pulling the winter and snow books for a new display that kids can access easily. She's also gathering books for the 3rd grade Brazil research project. We've re-named her G. Dewey as she is reconfiguring the very popular cat, dog, and horse areas of the non fiction section. The holiday bulletin boards have come down and she's working on some brand new boards--if we're lucky they will inlcude our favorite character, the pigeon from Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! He has been visiting the library bulletin boards in the last few months and they look BEAUTIFUL! Nice job, Mrs. Way! She's also been keeping up with the interlibrary loans our students have requested and the many, many books we share with other libraries in our BOCES system. Lots of cataloging of new books and equipment are keeping her busy, as well, especially as she is learning the new automation system while she processes our new items. She's doing great with a crash couse in cataloging! Keep up the good work.

3rd Grade Open Library Puzzling3rd Grade After School Open Technology @ FPEL

Check out our current display of winter and snow books!


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