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Number Scrolls at 1st grade

Reaching 10,000
One of the rites of passage in the first grade is working on the number scroll.  It starts with a sheet with a 10 x 10 grid and the students begin writing their numbers.  When complete, it is attached to a cardboard tube and the next sheet begins at 101.  The goal was to finish one sheet per week and keep adding it to the previous sheet.
A parent once inquired why we would do such a thing as it seemed monotonous.  It was a fair question and upon consideration, three purposes / goals were solidified.  First, it builds number sense by witnessing the numbers grow by one more and seeing the consistent patterns of our base-10 number system.  Secondly, it helps develop those fine motor skills and neatness.  Lastly, it demonstrates to the students that a small bit of work over a long period of time yields amazing results.
The goal for each student was to reach 3,200 by the end of the year.  One student asked what would happen if anyone reached 10,000.  The previous record was 4,700.  I offered to deliver a pizza to any student’s house who could reach this lofty goal.  Bradley King took the challenge and successfully conquered it, getting to 10,100 or 101 sheets!  His classmates were cheering him on throughout the process and they were able to learn from his planning and perseverance.  As the days closed in, it was fun to watch Bradley determine how many sheets need to be done per day in order to finish his goal.  When unrolled, it totaled 50 feet!  Congratulations Bradley on your determination and completion!
two students holding the scroll hall of fame

Hall of Fame

student with 10,000


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