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AP Biology 2016/17
Please come to school on the first day with your summer assignment done. Follow all directions in the summer assignment packet.

Wed 09/07/16....................... Take a look at Chapter 1 power point to refresh your memory of the key concepts. Look at the Lecture Notebook packet with the diagrams and think about or decide if this is a way that you would like to take notes on each chapter. Try out some notetaking with the packet. Make sure to bring your Chromebook to class everyday.

ATTENTION: From now on the abbreviation INB will mean your Interactive Notebook. Remember to scroll down this page to find the continuosly updated Table of Contents for your INB.


(This is what you should have listed)
1. UNIT 1 DIVIDER PAGE: Intro to Biology, Basic Biochemistry (Chapter 1-4)

Please use the wealth of review options available to you such as:
  • Bozeman Science Videos
  • Crash Course Biology on YouTube
  • LaunchPad (practice questions, flashcards, animations, learning curve quizzes)
  • Strive for A Five Workbook
  • Study Groups

Please read the course description thoroughly and complete the summer assignment on schedule.

Links for AP BIOLOGY

Cell Cycle and Cancer Click and Learn
Cell Cycle and Cancer Journal Article
Epidemic - Evolution of Viral Pathogens
HHMI Lecture Making Your Mind: Molecules, Motion and Memory
Lab Bench Molecular Biology Part 2 Gel Electrophoresis
Osmosis Info for Lab
RadioLab Podcast Patient Zero
Water Potential from Lab Bench Activity
Basic Statistics for Biology
Biovisions Inner Life of the Cell
BozemanScience Videos for AP Biology
CNN AC360 Performance Enhancing Drugs video
College Board AP Biology Homepage
Color Coding your Interactive Notebook
Control of Cell Cycle Mcgraw-Hill Animation
Entry # 31 INB HHMI 2013 Holiday Lecture 2
Excell Speadsheet for Hardy-Weinberg Lab
Exploring Life's Origins (RNA World)
Handbook of Biological Statistics
Handbook of Biologocal Statistics
HeLa Cell Line Ethics/Privacy
HHMI Biointeractive Click and Learn Topics
HHMI Lecture AIDS and the HIV Life Cycle
INB entry 40 NOVA Cracking....GENE SWITCHES
Lac operon animation from Virtual Cell
Primary Productivity Lab for entry 30 in INB
Protein Data Bank
Short Film: The Making of the Fittest (for lab)
Short Film: The Making of the Fittest: Natural Selection in Humans
SIS Web Parent/Student Grade Portal
TED Talk Quorum Sensing Bonnie Bassler
The Cell Cycle and Mitosis Tutorial Entry # 29
Tips for Making a Scientific POSTER
Winogradsky Animation
Winogradsky Information
AP Biology Live Stream Review
Free Response Questions for AP Exam
Free Response Questions from past AP Exams
Living Environment Exams and Answer Keys
Mosaic Science
Mouse Party - Addiction Activity
Population Dynamics Activity
Population Dynamics Activity
SOS Zebra and Quagga Mussels Lab

Course Information

Entry # 60 INB Cancer and Loss of Cell Cycle Control
AP Biology Course Syllabus

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