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Elementary School Counselor
Mr. Matt Heyn, LCSW-R


For those of you new to the district or unfamiliar with my role, the position is essentially that of an elementary school social worker.

Here's a quick summary of the counseling position:

  1. A New Student Support Group meets in September/October to warmly welcome new additions to the school.
  2. Weekly counseling support is provided for students identified for Special Education services.
  3. Annual Bullying Behavior lessons are presented to grades 2-5. These lessons occur in November.
  4. The school counselor is an annual guest presenter for 5th Grade Wellness Day on dealing with stress. Students and parent chaperones practice relaxation through guided imagery.
Aside from these annual programs, other counseling responsibilities include:
  • Assessing social struggles and bullying behavior allegations.
  • Assisting teachers and/or parents in assessing early indicators of academic, emotional and/or behavioral struggles.
  • Making referrals to community-based agencies or mental health practitioners when necessary.
  • Providing individual student counseling support for low level emotional and behavioral concerns.

The most common behavior patterns we see each year are: children with exaggerated worrying (anxiety), difficulty staying calm (anger management), struggles with focus, attention and impulse control (ADHD), and indications of low self-esteem (often a result of distorted feelings of shame). In my experience, very few children mature without growing pains and missteps.  If there is any assistance I might provide, please contact me. Intervening early is much simpler on both parents and students.  Please don't hesitate to call.

Matthew G. Heyn, LCSW
School Counselor



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