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The Living Environment and Advanced Placement Biology - Instructor: Mrs. Elaine Piscitell


For success in this class you must do your part:
                 * Keep an organized notebook and take good notes.
                 * Be engaged and focused during ALL labs, activities and demos.
                 * Ask questions when you don't understand something.
                 * Come to class prepared and ready to learn.
                 * Follow my directions for how to study for a test. (see bottom of this page)
                 * Remember: KNOWLEDGE IS CUMULATIVE. You can't forget what you learned in 
                                     in the previous unit.

3-ring binder, medium size (2 inch is suggested)
5 pocket dividers
colored pencils
a set of earbuds or headphones
1 bound composition notebook to use for your Interactive Notebook (I will have some for sale in class)

Upcoming Tests:      
Upcoming Quizzes:  


Wed 09/07........Finish filling out the  Who Are You? Student Questionnaire.
                           Bring in 50 cents to purchase a notebook from me if needed.
Thursday 09/08.......Read p 16-22 in text and fill out worksheet that goes with it. Optional activity: Bring in something LIVING and NON-LIVING to class.
Tuesday 09/13........Period 1 finish lab from today if needed. Period 4 finish your Interactive Notebook Entry from today.
Thursday 09/15.......Do the sheet of practice questions on life processes. Study for quiz. ACTIVE STUDYING!
Monday 09/19.........Period 1............. FINISH the labs fill in the blanks and all other questions in the ISOPODS PART 1 Lab using the information packet given                                        to you. Bring both back to class tomorrow.
Wednesday 09/21.....Period 1 and 4...........Do the Worksheet 6.6-1 The Experimental Method of Research (BOTH SIDES)
Wednesday 09/28.......All Periods FINISH all graphs in both packets of the Graphing Lab. Start on that Test Review Guide.
Thursday 10/5/16.......All periods must finish all questions in the Metric Measurement question packet from Lab Metric Measurement.
Thursday 10/13/16....ALL Periods...........Proteins are the Bodies Worker Molecules Question sheet. Read article, answer the questions.

Interactive Notebook Table of Contents
1. Essential Characteristics of Life, (only watch up to 06;08)


Labs Done
09/13,14......Are Seeds Alive?
09/21...........Observing Isopods Part 1
09/22..........Observing Isopods Part 2 (Experiment)
09/28...........Data Tables and Graphs
09/30...........Dicotomous Keys
10/5............Metric Measurement
10/13,14.......Color Changing Milk




 How to study for a test:

Read through your note sheets in order, read through review sheet, have someone ask you questions from review sheet, look at all practice questions we have done

Pleeeeeeeeease  keep an organized 3-ring binder as a notebook. It will pay off!




Useful Links

Immunity and Vaccines Explained
Karyotype Lab from The Biology Project
The Nobel Prize in Chemstry 2003 - Water and ion channels in the cell membrane. Check it out !!
Animations and Images from Steve Berg
AP Biology Review Games
AP Review Crash Course Biology on YouTube
Campbell Biology 8th ed textbook website
Cell Size Animation
DNA Animations
DNA From The Beginning
Drugs and the synapse! Look at MOUSE PARTY
Ecological Pyramids Video
Envirothon Study Guides
Example pages from Interactive Notebooks
HHMI Holiday Lectures
Human Blood Smear Pictures
INB Neurons, Synapses, Drugs
INB # 17 Human Blood Components
INB # 24 All About Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Cycle
INB # 25 Global Carbon Cycle Animation
INB #16 New Circulation through Heart
INB Logistic Growth and Carrying Capacity
INB Respiratory System Bozeman Video (for INB)
Marine Studies and Adirondack Studies Summer Camps
McGraw-Hill Animation: How Enzymes Work
Nova Life's Greatest Miracle (watch online)
Population Demography Information
Regents Exams with answer keys from NYSED
Review at
Stem Cell Animations
Tree of Life Web Project - Good site for taxonomy!!
UCTV Lecture: Sugar the Bitter Truth
Bozeman Science Videos
Gorongosa Interactive Map Click and Learn
Great Protein Synthesis Animation
HHMI 2014 Lecture # 2 Humans, Biodiversity and Habitat Loss
Human Impact on the Environment Click and Learn
NOVA Can I Eat That on You Tube
The Beak of the Finch Movie for NYS LAB
WildCam Gorongosa

Course Information

Living Environment Course Syllabus
Color Changing Milk - Molecules in Motion!!! Video
Concepts and Processes Review sheet p 1
Concepts and Processes Review sheet p 2
Concepts and Processes Review sheet p 3
Concepts and Processes Review sheet p 4
HHMI Lecture Questions: AIDS Evolution of an Epidemic

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