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Welcome To Resource Room 130
Re-source   /re-sors/  n.  [fr. OF resourdre to relieve, to live again] 1a : a source of information or expertise  2 : something to which one has access in difficulty : ADVANTAGEOUS  3 : an ability to meet and handle a situation : RESOURCEFULNESS
Statement from Resource Room 130
- Students will develop self awareness of personal strengths and skills, for the purpose of setting and reaching academic and personal goals
- Students will investigate and practice strategies for maximizing classroom learning and personal success.
- Students will be encouraged to advocate for their needs in school, in the community, and in the workplace

Transition Needs:
"... (Students) will develop basic skills necessary for high school and beyond, including time mangement, organization and work ethic".
Ways to Support Your Student's Learning:
* Be informed about your student's needs and learning styles.
* Be an active partner in developing your student's I.E.P.
by attending CSE and Annual Review meetings.
* Communicate with teachers on a regular basis.



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CNY Chapter of the Autism Society
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CNY SPD Parent Connections

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Franziska Racker Centers

Learning Disabilities of CNY

Parent to Parent

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ADD Resources
Attention Deficit Disorder Association

Bring Up Minds:
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Center for Autism and Related Disablilities
University at Albany

Professional Development and Parent Seminars

Innovations at Bright Solutions
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*Special-Needs Radio

Free Behavior Charts
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*Activities for families and children
*Tips for families and professionals
Woodbine House
Your Trusted Source of Books on Disabilities
Spring 2013
For Parents, Children, Teachers
and other Professionals





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