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Teacher's name Email address Web site
Chantal Corbin ccorbin@fabius.cnyric.org
Kevin Linck klinck@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Peter Mahunik pmahunik@fabius.cnyric.org
Andrea Nardozzi anardozzi@fabius.cnyric.org
Timothy Ryan tryan@fabius.cnyric.org
Colleen Apgar capgar@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Amanda Ashman aashman@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Val Bailey vbailey@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Sarah Brown Paul sbrownpaul@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Karen Bruno kbruno@fabius.cnyric.org
Kim Buchanan kbuchanan@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Elaine Caraher ecaraher@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
MaryAnn Carroll mcarroll@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Barbara Carter bcarter@fabius.cnyric.org
Suzanne Case scase@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Philip Cavo pcavo@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Jenny Centore jcentore@fabius.cnyric.org
Valerie Clark vclark@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Enrichment Cluster cgilbert@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Ed Cole ecole@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Middle School Computer Lab ckinne@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Teresa Cuipylo tcuipylo@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Cassie Dobbins cdobbins@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Tish Dobrovech tdobrovech@fabius.cnyric.org
Molly Dunham mdunham@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Character Education Home page
Math Elem. Math Center Home page
Physical Education Elementary twilcox@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Patty Feeney pfeeney@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Jill Fitzpatrick jfitzpatrick@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Mark Frigon mfrigon@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Tim Gilbert tgilbert@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Michelle Goodfellow mgoodfellow@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Katie Gover kgover@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
William Gumpper bgumpper@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Julia Harrod jharrod@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Alma Hartnett ahartnett@fabius.cnyric.org
Marta Henderson mhenderson@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Michelle Henderson mhenderson2@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Matthew Heyn mheyn@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Pam Hobbs phobbs@fabius.cnyric.org
Lola Hopseker lhopseker@fabius.cnyric.org
Nancy Houck nhouck@fabius.cnyric.org
Mary Huss mhuss@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Anthony Hyatt ahyatt@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Katie Jordan kjordan@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Laurie Jordan ljordan@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Heidi Kelley hkelley@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Stacy Kingsley skingsley@fabius.cnyric.org
Cathy Kinne ckinne@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Tim Knapp tknapp@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Brandi Kochian bkochian@fabius.cnyric.org
Erin Kolceski ekolceski@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Hillary Lang hlang@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Marc Lauzon mlauzon@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Middle School-High School Library mporter@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Terry Lindsley-Barton tbarton@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Denyea Maddigan dmaddigan@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Sara Maxwell smaxwell@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Shawn May smay@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Denise McAndrew dmcandrew@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Elisa McCarthy emccarthy@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Carrie Metzler cmetzler@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
F-P Middle & High School Theatre sschoonmaker@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Alison Miles amiles2@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Kristen Morey kmorey@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Bill Neumire bneumire@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Amy Neuner aneuner@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Matthew Neuner mneuner@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Nicole Nylen nnylen@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Betsy Perry bperry@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Middle School-High School Physical Education cward@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Stacy Piano spiano@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Elizabeth Pierce bpierce@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Daniel Piorkowski dpiorkowski@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Elaine Piscitell episcitell@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Kathleen Pollard kpollard@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Melissa Porter mporter@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Jennifer Proper jproper@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Elementary Reading Center jcentore@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Kelly Roach kroach@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Hannah Rogers hrogers@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Matt Rohde mrohde@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Wendy Russell wrussell@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Shannon Schmiedel sschmiedel@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Josh Seitz Home page
Kevin Sharpe ksharpe@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Jeff Sims jsims@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Caitlin Smith csmith@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Annette Sproul asproul@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Carol Steele csteele@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Mary Tanski mtanski@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
7 Team team7@fabius.cnyric.org
8 Team team8@fabius.cnyric.org
Cynthia Vales cvales@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Sarah Virgil svirgil@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Volunteer Volunteer bmckenney@fabius.cnyric.org
Cindy Ward cward@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Samantha Warren swarren@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Weather Station Weather Home page
Karen Wilcox kwilcox@fabius.cnyric.org
Timothy Wilcox twilcox@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Peter Wilder pwilder@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Diane Wilson dwilson@fabius.cnyric.org
Laura Windhausen lwindhausen@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Stephanie Wingard swingard@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Nancy Winiecki nwiniecki@fabius.cnyric.org Home page
Christine Young cyoung@fabius.cnyric.org Home page

Fabius - Pompey Central School District
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Fabius, NY 13063

Phone: (315) 683-5301

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